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The Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies has been re-launched as the Australian Centre for Financial Studies on 7 July 2010.

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The Melbourne Centre is establishing a focused program of research relating to the interests of the Victorian Financial Services industry, government and associated academia. The shaping of this program is guided by the Melbourne Centre’s Board and Industry Advisory Committee and is led by the Director of the Centre. As part of the program, the Melbourne Centre has established:-

The Academic Research Grants program
A number of Industry Research Internships
Conference papers and presentations

Each of these is further described below.

The Research program of the Melbourne Centre also includes research and consulting assignments undertaken for government and industry.

It is a characteristic of the research programs of the Melbourne Centre that as well as being of high academic integrity and quality, they are practical and relevant to the Victorian financial and business community. Research undertaken at the Melbourne Centre will be original and innovative, and not replicate research already undertaken elsewhere.

The research activities of the Melbourne Centre have been organized primarily into three research programs:

These are the areas where it is perceived that the greatest value can be added by the Melbourne Centre’s activities. These areas reflect the characteristics and strengths of the financial sector and finance academe in Victoria. Each area is further reviewed below, including topics and research grants which have been made in the individual area.

The Melbourne Centre allows some flexibility in its research program where it is felt that the proposed area of research is relevant and of value. A number of Research Grants have been made for such purposes and these are listed below under Other Research.

The Academic Research Grants Program

Applications for 2010 now open, for Associates of the centre only.
Please read Call for Applications for terms and conditions.
Deadline: April 19 2010. Click to download an application form.

Associates of the Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies are periodically invited to apply for Research Grants funded by the Melbourne Centre. The amount allocated depends upon the quality of applications and relevance to the Centre’s objectives.

Research Grant applications are assessed on the grounds of academic merit and consistency with the research plan of the Centre. The major criteria for acceptance of projects is that the research should:

Lead to output in the form of academic publications in high quality journals,

  • Involve topics which will be regarded by industry as relevant and value adding,
  • Be innovative and not replications or minor extensions of existing work and, desirably
  • Build linkages between researchers in the consortium (or other) Universities and industry.

Following a review by the Centre’s Board, there are two types of grant applications considered. These are “Small Grants” and “Team based – portfolio Grants”.“Small grants” are for amounts up to $20,000 by an individual or a group of researchers.“Team based – portfolio” applications:

  • are team-based and bring together the research strengths of a group of academics (either within, or preferably, across institutions)
  • address and contribute to the MCFS research priority areas.
  • set clear targets on:
    • Number of, and timetable for, academic publications
    • Number, and timing, of thought-leadership papers to be made available for MCFS distribution to industry
    • Opportunities arising for development of and participation/presentation in MCFS academic workshops/seminars
    • Opportunities arising for development of and participation/presentation in practitioner workshops/seminars
    • Development of industry links and industry input in the research agenda

Initial funding of Grants is for a period of one year, but applications for multi-year projects can be made, which must set out expected deliverables for the first year of the project. The Grant Committee will consider such applications, and advise of targets required to be met for subsequent year funding to be made available. In addition, subsequent applications for continuation funding for an existing grant may be considered.

Successful applicants are required to provide a 3-4 page discussion paper for posting on the Centre’s web site.

Grant recipients are required to present at and participate in Centre workshops to be held approximately five and eleven months after research grants are made.Grant recipients are required to submit working papers of their research – these working papers are posted on the Centre’s web site.

Both the discussion papers and the working papers presented to date are available for download.


Industry Research Internships

The Victorian Government Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development has provided funds for a limited number of Industry Research Internships.

Details of this scheme and the associated Initial Application form are as follows:-

MCFS Academic Research Grants Program

Publications known at October 2009
:: Download list of publications

Conference Papers and Presentations

Seminars, Symposia and Workshops
21 November 2008 Symposium
Islamic Financial Services: What role for Australia?
:: View program and presentations
18 November 2008
Twilight Seminar
The Credit Crisis: Counterparty and Operational Risk Issues
:: View program and presentations
28 August 2008 Twilight Seminar
Securities Lending in Australia: Current Issues and Challenges
:: View program and presentations
19 August 2008 Symposium and Academic Workshop
Consumer Finance, Investment and Regulatory Issues
:: View program and presentations
20 May 2008 Symposium
Financial Centres of the Future: What Role for Australia?
:: View program and presentations
28 April 2008 Abacus-MCFS Research Workshop
Financial Mutuals
:: View program and presentations
20 September 2007 MCFS-AMSI Financial Mathematics and Statistics Conference
Quantitative Methods in Investment and Risk Management: Sourcing new approaches from mathematical theory and the real world
:: View program and presentations
19 September 2007 Financial Regulation Conference
Costs, Benefits and the Process of Regulatory Change
:: View program and presentations
27 October 2006 Finance Forum
The Cost of Capital for Regulated Industries
:: View program and presentations
International Distinguished Lectures
26 November 2008 John Fraser, Chairman and CEO of UBS Global Asset Management
:: Download transcript: A Tumultuous Year or so - Some Observations on the Turmoil in the Financial Markets, Policy Settings and Regulatory Implications
12 December 2007 Dr Robert Joss, President of Stanford Business School and former Westpac CEO
:: Download transcript: Modern Finance and its Leadership Challenges
21 December 2006 Mervyn King, Governor of The Bank of England
:: Download speech notes: Through the Looking Glass: Reform of the International Institutions
Finsia-MCFS Banking and Finance Conference
29-30 September 2008 13th Finsia-MCFS Banking and Finance Conference
Risks, Governance and Regulation in a Transforming Financial World
:: View program and presentations
24-25 September 2007 12th Finsia-MCFS Banking and Finance Conference
Developments in Financial Services: Theory meets Practice
:: View program and presentations
25-26 September 2006 11th Finsia-MCFS Banking and Finance Conference
Banking and Securities Markets: Convergence, Innovation and Regulation
:: View program and presentations from 25 September 2006
:: View program and presentations from 26 September 2006
Melbourne Money and Finance Conference
1-3 June 2008 13th Melbourne Money and Finance Conference
Recent Developments in Australian Debt Markets
:: View program and presentations
24-26 May 2007 12th Melbourne Money and Finance Conference
Wealth Management: Trends and Issues
:: View program and presentations
18-20 May 2006 11th Melbourne Money and Finance Conference
The Future of Australian Banking
:: Download program

In its three years of operation, the Melbourne Centre has organised a wide range of research-focused events.

The Melbourne Centre continues to develop conferences and symposia on typical issues in partnership with a variety of finance industry, government, association, regulatory and academic organisations.

These events are designed to highlight the best of academic and practitioner research and the latest thinking by all stakeholders. Finance academics in particular gain from the opportunity to test their theses in front of a knowledgeable mixed audience, and conference papers are often precursors to future academic publications.