Advantages of buying Australian disc brakes at VMAX Brakes


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A brake disc is a disc-shaped metal plate to which the brake pads are mounted. This can include a bonded, coiled serpentine wave spring which will press the pads towards the discs, or individual springs and clips for each pad. The brakes can be either mechanically actuated, hydraulically actuated (the most common), or electrically actuated (such as regenerative braking)

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Advantages of buying Australian disc brakes at VMAX Brakes

  1. Exact replacement

The components are manufactured to the exact same specifications as the original component. For example, if you have a bike that comes with 12v front disc brakes, then you can replace it with a 12v front disc brake. The design of the components is within 1 mm of the original component, so even when buying a set of remanufactured discs, they will not look different from the original component.

  1. Reasonable prices

Buying Australian disc brakes at VMAX Brakes is for an extensive range of types and styles. They are not just seeking to make money off selling old outdated parts, but are selling genuine alternatives to ensure that the brakes they are selling you are still in production.

  1. Free fitting

All brakes need to fit your bike, so buying Australian disc brakes at VMAX Brakes will help you with this. For example, a brake that did not originally come with a mounting bridge may be a problem to fit if there is no mounting bridge included in the set. But using pieces such as this, you can easily fix it yourself.

  1. Quick delivery

The easiest way to get Australian disc brakes at VMAX Brakes is by buying them online. You can request a quote by emailing your bike’s specifications and VMAX will work out the brakes cost for you. By paying online, you can then have your parts delivered to your door within 48 hours.


The best disc brakes are those which offer great performance and are easy to use. They should not be too difficult to install, with clear instructions to guide you through the process. They should also be made from high-quality materials that stand up against time.