Royal Vending Melbourne

Royal Vending is Australia’s largest vending machine company, and they offer a number of products and services that improve the efficiency and functionality of your business. Royal Vending provides vending machines, water coolers, coffee-making equipment, and a range of related services. This includes project management and space planning services to site inspection, installation, training, and restocking. To find the perfect vending machine for your needs, use the interactive map on their home page, which allows you to click and drag to document your floor plan and then fill in the details of your requirements.

Gym Vending Machine from Royal Vending Melbourne

Royal Vending specializes in supplying and installing gym vending machines in Melbourne. There is a wide range of products to choose from, including healthy snacks, energy drinks, protein bars, and coffee to keep you motivated throughout the day.

The gym vending machine from Royal Vending in Melbourne can help transform your workout. Choose from various healthy products, including protein bars, energy balls, protein drinks, and dried fruit. These snacks contain a high amount of protein and fiber, low saturated fat, as well a high level of vitamins and minerals. 

School Vending Machine from Royal Vending in Melbourne

School vending machines are everywhere these days. Your kids probably spend hours of their free time waiting on one for a few dollars’ worth of food. Although the school vending machine is a convenient option for grabbing a snack before or after school, the cost of a few candy bars can quickly add up.

Office Vending Machine from Royal Vending in Melbourne

Royal Vending is a Melbourne-based company that specializes in providing vending machines for offices. They offer machines for drinks and snacks and vending machines for drinks only. They carry snacks and drinks from various popular companies, including Air Walker, Coca-Cola, Milo, Robinsons, and Smarties.


Royal Vending in Melbourne has been providing vending machines to schools, businesses, and offices for years. With various vending machines to choose from, Royal Vending can tailor the vending program to fit any facility’s specific needs.