The autocraze wheels and tyres Australia

Do you think about upgrading the wheels and tyres of your car? There are several reasons why people upgrade their car’s rims, but the most frequently stated one is that they want to improve their vehicle’s overall look. Basically, there are two types of aftermarket rims – ones that provide optimized performance in terms of improved grip and durability (and which also give the car a great look), and those that simply look good. In this article, we shall talk about the latter ones, let’s call them “styling rims”.  Make sure you check out Autocraze who are very well known in Australia for selling their wheels online.

Styling Wheels: Things you should know before buying them!

There are many things you need to bear in mind when considering whether or not you want to buy a certain type of styling rims. For one, you should check if they fit your car or not. Most commonly, people choose the same type of wheels for their car as it had from the factory (e.g.: everyone wants 16″ rims on his/her 3-series). However, this is not always the case and in most situations, it is actually better to upgrade from factory wheels. You should examine your car carefully before purchasing any styling rims, in order to make sure they fit. In case you are not 100% satisfied with the aspect of a certain type of rims on your car, don’t buy them!


Talking about the ins and outs of aftermarket wheels, there are a few points that should be mentioned.

First of all, you should decide what size of rims you want for your car. Keep in mind though, not to go too small as this will make it look awkward and even bad on the road. I recommend going one or two sizes up from factory size if possible (e.g.: if your car came with 17″ factory rims, you should buy 19″ ones).


Secondly, the design of the wheel is also very important. At this matter, there are two schools of thought. Some people prefer classic designs (e.g.: 5 spokes), while others like sporty designs (e.g.: super-light low profile ones). I recommend going classic if you are not very knowledgeable about wheels, as sporty designs can be too show-offy.


Last but not least, make sure the new rims fit your car perfectly! This means that tyres of the same width and offset should be used (e.g.: 215/45 R16) and that the overall diameter should be correct (e.g.: a 20″ rim on a Peugeot 206 will look ridiculous).