Tips for dental SEO marketing


Dental advertising strategies is an integral part of modern dental marketing strategies. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the way you present your dental practice online conveys what it’s like to see a dentist, as well as how it might feel if you were to visit. This article will outline some tips that can help you optimize your website for search engine optimization and reach a wider number of potential patients through organic search results.

1. Make sure your site is responsive

With more and more people accessing the Internet on mobile devices, you must make your site easy to view across all of its available screen actions. Make sure that all of your content is optimized for a smartphone screen and that all links work regardless of whether or not a visitor is using mobile Internet browsing on their device.

2. Include content that engages

The way that a website is designed and the content that it contains have an impact on whether or not it will be search engine friendly. Your site should include plenty of well-written, keyword rich and visually interesting content. Some key elements to include are:

· Contributed articles– you can publish informed opinion pieces from various professionals and get them to share their accounts with your readers.

· Blogs– your site should include an area for commenting that can allow your readers to interact with one another, with everyone learning from each others’ knowledge and experience.

· Videos– these are becoming more common on many websites. If you have a great video on the topic of dentistry available for viewing, it can boost your website’s search engine optimization results significantly.

3. Add as many relevant backlinks as possible to show off your site’s content and value to potential patients and customers. You can get plenty of these through various forms of social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Be sure to take time to review the quality and relevance of all backlinks that you add before adding them to your site.

4. Use captivating images in all content areas

People are more likely to view a website if it contains interesting images, but some people will avoid sites that contain images that are irrelevant or poorly designed. The images that you add to your website should be highly relevant and interesting. You can have a professional create original images for your site or use stock photography for all the content areas if you do not have the budget for custom art.

5. Optimize all internal links & external links to other sites

Links are an important part of search engine optimization and they appear on almost every webpage on the Internet today. When you add external links or internal links, make sure that you always use a rel=”no follow” tag so that the search engine does not attribute the value of those backlinks to your site.

6. Make all text descriptive and keyword rich

You must optimize your website for search engines as well as potential patients or customers visiting your site. While there are differences between how dental practices can work with search engine optimization, it is still important for your content to be easily discoverable on different sites.


Efficient and effective dental SEO marketing involves a great deal of work and a strong commitment to your patients. As long as you have the right tools, like any other type of marketing career, the rewards are there when you see success with the way that you advertise.